Trust · Responsiveness · Support · Care · Reliability

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality in-home non-medical services to consumers with compassion and professionalism. We strive to respect all consumers who use our supportive living services. We will never discriminate based on culture, race, disability, sexual orientation, or life experiences.

Our Vision

By 2020, Above and Beyond Home Care will be recognized as the premier provider for Personal Assisted/Homemaker Services in California and the employer of choice among its competitors. We will be the leader in personalized care, by helping both our consumers and our employees realize his or her full potential.

Our Management and Staff

Our services are available through a one-on-one individual basis or as a team effort. No matter which you choose, all of our staff are thoroughly trained. They also undergo rigorous background screenings and are committed to providing patients with the highest quality of care delivered in a friendly and loving manner.